The day it began

Hello my name is Wendy, I am a thirty six year old, married mother of five.  Needless to say I have very little if any time to myself.  My husband works all hours he can to keep the ship afloat and I do the 24/7 mother role.  Have to say did not really see this for me, but I love my family dearly and am so greatful and proud to be a part of it.

Recently I have been finding myself more and more fed up, bored and unstimulated by life, feeling that I would love to have the time to have a hobby or the childminders to enable me to have a hobby, but unfortunately it proves rather hard to achieve this, partly because we have five kids and partly because I feel too guilty to ask anyone to take on the responsibility just so that I can have some me time…… Oh how blissful it must be to be a man.

Sitting feeling quite angry at the world I suddenly had an epiphany, I am in creative control and can write my story any way I so please, then came the blog idea and so my real life begins, the one I am living on the inside😜


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