Imagination, Our Saviour?

I have always been a spiritual person, searching for the reasons, who I am etc. Yeah I know sounds airy fairy, but true.  Having read a lot of Neville Goddards works, Ester and Jerry Hicks works, I have come to discover that indeed our power lies in our imagination, our God and that to believe without a doubt brings all your sincere desires to the material world, you have to believe it to see it.

Therefore I have decided to put this to the test here on my blog and publish my outcomes, if only to record my personal successes.  So in theory of the aforementioned books, if I can see clearly and feel vididly that which I desire in my minds eye or my true place of creation, that by the law of attraction it should materialise into form.

So as I mentioned in my initial post I am a mother of five, so money is not always very free to do with what I would like, and recently I have had an interest in taking an online course in life coaching, however this course costs £900, and having some outstanding bills, in the material reality of things I would have to prioritise my financial obligations first, so I have decided to manifest an amount of money that would allow me to participate in this course and take care of my bills.  So as often as I can, I am going to imagine receiving this money, what it would feel like and the actions I would take if I did so, and expect it to come into my physical life.  Omg how exciting.

Here goes ……….




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